A downloadable game for macOS

This is a very basic game prototype designed for a Game Jam hosted by  GCO_SDSU. It is my first time participating in a game jam. The concept is to shoot down the missiles that are homing in on you(a fighter jet).  The current downloadable is only for MACs with an x_86 architecture.

The jet follows the mouse and rotates to face the direction the mouse is pointing to. Clicking the left mouse button fires the shot. There are three different types of missiles that are trying to destroy your plane. The red missile is worth 10 points if it is shot down. The purple missile is worth 15 points and the blue missile is worth 20 points. However the speed of the missiles are proportional to the points they are worth. Evading missiles also socres you points. You obtain one point per every second you are not destroyed. If a missile hits you, it is game over. Also these missiles are homing missiles. 

You can quit the game by pressing the ESC key at the main menu. To return to the main menu while playing the game, press the ESC key.

Install instructions

The build is available only for MACs with an x_86 architecture for the mean time.


Missile Shooter(MAC_x86).app.zip 14 MB
How to play-Missile Shooter.txt 762 bytes

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